Some Things to Consider If You’re Getting Divorced During the Coronavirus Pandemic in Naples, Florida

Divorced During the Coronavirus | Check Things You Must Take Care

Divorced During the Coronavirus
Getting divorced even in the best of times can be a very difficult process, but getting divorced during a global pandemic can make things even more challenging. Long & Associates is a Naples, Florida divorce law firm that works with clients facing a range of divorce challenges. Our firm works with clients facing high asset divorces, and with those who need assistance with family law matters and child custody.

If you’re getting divorced in Naples, Florida, you might be wondering how the coronavirus pandemic might impact your case. With many courts closed or operating with strict restrictions in place, you may need to contact the court or stay in touch with your divorce lawyer about the latest procedures given increased coronavirus restrictions. The divorce lawyers at Long & Associates in Naples, Florida are here for you to help you navigate these changes.

Here are some other ways that the Covid-19 pandemic might impact your case:

  • The economy has suffered some major shockwaves as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many families have seen their retirement accounts diminish, their savings shrink, and their bank accounts grow smaller. If you are going through a divorce, this might mean that you have less money to split. If you were in the process of finalizing your division of assets before the pandemic, you might want to take a second look at how these changes might impact your assets.
  • Your Home. While every case is unique, now might not be the best time to be putting a home on the market. However, you might have other options when it comes to deciding what will happen to the family home. One partner can buy the other partner’s share in the property or both partners can continue to be co-owners of the property in question. Your divorce lawyer can work with you to look closely at your financial picture and help you find an option that can work.
  • Child Custody. Co-parenting at any time can be difficult enough, but co-parenting during a pandemic is especially challenging. With children out of school and parents socially distancing, parents will need to consider their parenting plans taking into account that social distancing may continue for some time.
  • Job Security. With many families suffering income loss due to layoffs or the threat of layoffs, now might be a good time to take a realistic look at your overall financial picture. Can you afford to split your single household into two households? Could you afford to take on the mortgage alone? Do you feel financially secure enough to go it alone? Talking to your financial planner and to your divorce lawyer to help you navigate these questions can be helpful.

If you have filed for divorce or are in the process of planning to file, Long & Associates is a family attorney in Naples, Florida that may be able to assist you. Our lawyers are still here for families who are going through the challenges of divorce in this unique pandemic era. If you have questions, reach out to Long & Associates or visit to connect with a divorce lawyer at Long & Associates today.