Litigation and Mediation
We take great pride in thoroughly preparing your case for trial so that you can have the confidence you are receiving the best representation possible.

Our Collier and Lee Circuit Court Judges are extremely conscientious and sensitive to the difficulties you and your family are facing, but their caseloads do not always permit them to address your issues as one may like.

Effective Litigation and Mediation

That is where mediation becomes so effective as it empowers you and your spouse to reach a resolution with much more influence and sensitivity to the issues. More importantly, “you” can determine the outcome of your case, rather than the court who admittedly is not as familiar with you and your children’s lives as you are.

Mediation is a process whereby the parties, their attorneys and a mediator meet at an office and systematically work through issues until they are able to bring them to resolution. This is a much less expensive endeavor with much more creative outcomes than litigation because of the constraints the court has in fashioning a ruling.

In either circumstance, Long & Associates, P.A., can guide you in the right direction in developing overall litigation and mediation strategies that best suit your legal issues and needs.

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