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Our legal team of lawyers in Naples is passionate about helping families and tenacious in the courtroom. When you are confronted with support or parenting issues, it can feel like you're in freefall. Our experienced team of attorneys in Naples is here to guide you and protect you.

Lawyers / Attorneys in Naples, Florida

Family is everything and our lawyers in Naples completely understand that. It’s why everyone on our team has dedicated his or her career to the practice of Family Law.

Attorneys in Naples: Why Choose Us?

Long & Associates has served thousands of clients in the Naples area with various family law disputes for over 20 years. Our lawyers in Naples are experienced to resolve high conflict situations as well as negotiations that do not require litigation. Our solutions are innovative, progressive, zealous, and comprehensive. For our attorneys in Naples, our clients and their children’s needs are always at the forefront of what we do. Life throws unexpected challenges. Litigation can make you feel in limbo. Please know that our team and the law are not going to abandon you. We’ll hold your hand and help you get through this. Your interests, your children’s needs, and your self-respect are our top priorities.


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Are we a good fit?

We don’t use the standard playbook. Every client and their family is unique and we craft our approach to meet your needs.

Our team’s sole focus is family law, and we have extensive experience to be prepared for anything. Yes, anything.

  • Personal strategies. Everything we do is geared toward taking care of you and your family. 
  • Our team is your team. We are rooting for you during those difficult times and nothing gives us more gratification than watching you be empowered to take on your future. You have our full support and attention. 
  • We over-communicate. Lawsuits leave you in limbo for a bit. While the unknown makes things seem out of control, knowledge is power. By over-communicating, you have some stability and control over what happens next.
  • Mediation first. We try any resolutions before resorting to trial if possible in order to help minimize the emotional and financial strains of divorce.
  • Challenges accepted. We use the law to your advantage and get positive solutions for all complex challenges that Family Law throws at us. 

You can trust the team at Long & Associates to be your best advocate in Naples. To find out if we are a good fit for your situation, please book a confidential consultation.