“Sharenting”-Sharing Online about Parenting

Naples Divorce Law

Before you share that picture of your child online, or submit that post complaining about your child’s other parent, consider the consequences. In the article below, University of Florida Law Professor Stacey Steinberg addresses “sharenting,” or online sharing about parenting, and the potentially damaging effects our social media habits can have on our kids. We, as a culture, tend to share pictures of our children online without any thought or consideration to their privacy. Posts you shared online during your divorce that critique your former spouse will inevitably be seen by your children when they’re older, and we need to be more cognizant of how our online behavior is shaping our children.  Long & Associates, P.A. represent clients in all areas of family law litigation. Please contact Long & Associates, P.A. at 239-316-1600 or e-mail us at info@lanaples.com to set a confidential appointment with one of our Naples Family Law attorneys today.