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Protecting Privacy During Divorce Naples-Florida: One of the issues that can arise with a high asset divorce is the issue of privacy. Couples looking to split big estates often don’t want the details about their net worth publicized by court documents. High net worth couples trying to protect their reputations and their businesses might also have unique privacy concerns when it comes to divorce. When private matters come out during a divorce case, these matters can potentially impact your career, your business, and other aspects of your life. Couples who own businesses might also be worried that their trade secrets or other confidential information about their business might end up out in the open for the public to see.

If you are thinking of getting divorced and want to protect your privacy during the divorce process, what can you do? Long & Associates is a divorce law firm in Naples, Florida that works with high net worth couples. Our divorce lawyers can help you review the options you might have to protect your privacy and help you take the next steps with your divorce.

What Options Do You Have for Protecting Privacy During Divorce Naples-Florida

There are two main ways couples can protect their privacy when filing for divorce in Naples, Florida. One option couples might have is to settle their divorce outside of court. By settling outside of court, your case doesn’t go to trial and therefore won’t end up on the public record. All matters mentioned in a divorce case heard in court end up on the public record. This means that anyone performing a public records search could potentially pull up the record to find out the information disclosed during your divorce case. Many celebrity couples and high net worth couples will choose to settle their cases outside of court to prevent private information about their lives, assets, and businesses ending up on the public record.

Yet there are some situations where couples need to take their case to court. If you cannot resolve your divorce disputes or reach a settlement outside of court regarding alimony, division of assets, or division of business interests, you may need to take the case to court. Individuals dealing with domestic violence or those who want sole custody of their children for their children’s safety, may also have to take their divorce case to court. How can couples protect themselves in these cases? Couples may have the option of placing the divorce under seal. If you have questions about how to place a divorce case under seal or have concerns about how you can protect your privacy during divorce, reach out to Long & Associates, a divorce law firm in Naples, Florida today.

Placing a Divorce Under Seal in Naples, Florida

Sometimes a divorce case might automatically be placed under seal by the judge. If the case involves minor children, sensitive matters, or domestic violence, the judge may put the case under seal without the need to make a request. But, individuals and couples shouldn’t assume that a judge will put the case under seal. In most cases, couples need to request that the case be sealed. In order to seal a divorce case, you’ll need to show that your need for privacy is compelling and balances out the need for the public to have access to the public record of your divorce. Situations where your divorce reveals trade secrets, sensitive financial information, or information about your children, are situations where the judge would likely be most willing to put the case under seal. If you have questions about how to place your divorce under seal, or how you can make the most compelling argument to place your divorce under seal, consider reaching out to the divorce lawyers at Long & Associates in Naples, Florida today. Our divorce attorneys can help you understand your rights and options under the law when it comes to your privacy.

Protecting You and Your Divorce Privacy Concerns

When it comes to divorce and your privacy, information that ends up on the public record is not the only way that the public can learn about your divorce. Anything you or your partner posts on social media is also available for the world to see. If your former partner is posting pictures you don’t want posted or information you don’t want public, you may still have options and rights under the law. Long & Associates is a Naples, Florida divorce lawyer that can help you take steps to protect your privacy using the legal remedies available to you. Have questions about your options and rights? Reach out to the divorce lawyers at Long & Associates in Naples, Florida today. Or connect with to get matched with a lawyer at Long & Associates today.

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