Children and Divorce

“Children should not be serving the intimate needs of a parent, or placed in the role of secret-keeper,” says Lisa M. Hooper, a researcher and professor at the University of Louisville, who has conducted extensive studies on the effects of parentification – when the parent projects their role on to the child.  In divorced families, for instance, parents can fall into the trap of relying on their kid as a “confidant” – by revealing private information in the way of venting about the father/mother or by having them mediate conflicts.”

Divorcing your spouse is no easy task, especially when children are involved. Forcing kids to take sides, venting to them about your former spouse, or asking them to keep secrets can have long lasting and damaging effects on your children well into adulthood. Is your former spouse engaging in parentification? Long & Associates, P.A. represent clients in all areas of family law litigation. Please contact Long & Associates, P.A. at 239-316-1600 or e-mail us at to set a confidential appointment with one of our Naples Family Law attorneys today.